Creating a Resume

The CV is a document that is meticulously examined by the human resources unit during recruitment.  A well-prepared CV shows whether you are suitable for the position applied for and creates a positive impression on the other side.   For this reason, you should prepare the most accurate resume that suits you.

Points to Consider While Preparing a Resume


¬ Your  resume should be attractive.  For this reason, you should create a resume that reflects your strengths and features.

¬ Your  CV should be appropriate for the position you are applying for.

¬ Your  CV should be a maximum of two pages and unnecessary details should be avoided.

¬ The  photo you use in your resume should be a photo in formal wear and a passport size photo.

¬  Follow reverse chronological order on your resume.  Prepare by going backwards from your most recent education and most recent work experience.

¬ Your  CV should be in a clear and understandable language and plain Turkish should be used.

¬   Care should be taken to comply with the spelling rules, and if there are typos, you should correct them after checking them a few times before sending.