Vision And Mission

Our Vision

Our university aims to be one of the universities that ensures that its students are competent in their field, have developed leadership skills, have strong communication skills and are focused on their social responsibilities to improve society in their post-graduation career processes, and that they observe equality of opportunity at all times by maintaining high quality in education.

Our Center acts with the principle of “quality service” in order for our students and graduates to become prepared individuals for career and business life in line with these purposes. Our Career Center will be a unit that serves as a model for the career centers of other higher education institutions with its high awareness and efficient work.

Our mission

Our university aims to give direction to its students at the point of acquiring knowledge, skills and experience, to contribute to their personal development and to support the education of individuals who will create added value in society. In addition, it is to carry out studies in order to increase the preferability of our students in a professional context against the changing conditions of the age and the business world and to guide them to direct their careers.